Yoga for Everybody

Jessica Allee-Walsh

Jessie first discovered her love for yoga after Katrina, as a way to anchor herself during the turmoil in the aftermath of the storm. After years of practicing on and off, she committed to delving deeper into her practice by completing the 200-hour Wild Lotus Bhakti Yoga Teacher training. Teaching has been a wonderfully humbling co-learning experience for her. She hopes that her classes get people out of their heads and into their bodies. She believes that by quieting the mind, we can listen to our hearts, and follow our truth. While alignment is important, her focus is the place that the yoga takes you internally rather than the perfection of the physical poses. Through teaching, she has learned about the power of showing up, and being present for the people in her class, and herself. 

Jessica Allee-Walsh is currently not instructing any classes.